Thursday, April 2, 2020

Constitution the order of the world

Background to the Constitution
For about 1000 years a class system had developed in Europe
In most cases you were born with the right to rule (blueblood)
The commons( None noble) were simply born common and had to be TOLD.It was that simple old chap.More than that God decided what family you were born into and thus what your status would be.( of course there were revolt and usurpation from time to time but this was the general mind set. So when our Constitution said that WE THE PEOPLE had the ability and more the right to set up a government it shook the social order of the world.
Tomorrow: How was it to be done?

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Background to the Constitution

Since the fall of Rome in the West about 450 AD;  life for people in many cases became very uncertain. Plague, war, famine, fire and flood.
We may thing a barbarian movie is cool, But they lived in one. It was not until about 800 AD with Charlemagne  that things seemed to get better.but  than he died and we got the Vikings for 200 years, than the Norman.  England  from about 400  had the Pict and Anglo Saxons, than the Normans, oh  and the plague  Think we got a problem now the Black Death took out 33% of Europe.
People just wanted order.and the ONLY way it seemed to prevent endless fighting  was to have a sure way of knowing who  was who and for about 1500 years  the best way to know that was  seem to be birth. So we had the class system. You were born in your class and in most cases died in your class
Religion was a factor as it helped to keep order , God would punish those too evil and God would have you born into the class he wanted you in.
Even today in Europe the class system is a very real thing. Make a joke about the prince or Queen to an Englishman and you will I think find that he does not see the humor! Here too in the USA we have those who think that they are elite..the new aristocrats.
Tomorrow the new world  

Friday, March 13, 2020

We gasp gasp are all doomed let us buy tp

SUNDAY, JULY 14, 2019


Bob and Grrr's list of TV fears
OMG!! We are all gonna die!! Of_______
A. Climate change
B. Hurricane
C. Earthquake
D. Fires
E. Super volcano
F. Meteor strikes
H. Super plagues
H 1..Aids
H 2..Ebola
H 3..The black Death
H 4 Name your plague:_________________
J. Drugs
K. guns ( no people just guns)
L. Terrorist attack
M. Drunk drivers
N, Big phama
O. Lack of big phama
P. Bod food
Q. Starvation
R. nuclear power
S. Coal power
T. Lack of power
U. overpopulation
V. Lack of children to care for us
X. A plot of Big Tech
Y. A plot of a religious group:________
Y 1..The Catholics
Y 2..The Jews
Y 3. The Born Again Protestants
Y 4..The fundamentalists
Y 5..The Muslims
Y. 6..The secular humanists
Y. 7..Socialists
Y. 8..The Capitalists
Y. 9..THEM!
Z. Old age
Z 1.. Name your fear:________________
We think we may have gotten most of things to be frightened of. But dont to scared to add your own!
Grrr and Bob

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Dragon's on the phone

Grrr was on the computer when the phone rang.
Picking up the phone with one claw while he typed with the other, he said  "Grrr Rex here wanna ya want?"
"Still the same old warm and fuzzy Rex Grrr? The being on the phone answered.
"Dragon ?  Pal is that you?" ask Grrrr
"None other old friend. How is retirement?"
"Not bad at all. I heard that you were doing TV now?"
"I know it is not the stage or even the big screen but it sure pays the bills and a Dragon gotta eat."
"I hear ya, Ya know I watched some of the Game flick and it was not bad."
"I was temped to eat a few of the cast but the director said if I ate any but extras it was coming out of my pay.
"Yep, As I recall directory and studio suits are not known for being warmblooded. replied Grrr.
"Anyway not at lot of call for us in movies. I am well supplied the Mrs stocked a lot away...
"The ladies are good are good at that" replied Grrr,
"I heard through the grapevine that a new Godzilla movie was in the works and that Bruce the Shark had a fin in it..I know you guys are long time friends and I was wondering......asked Dragon
"Not a problem I will call him. US reptiles gotta help each-other out." replied Grrr
"Yep as long as it is not the same prey..." said Dragon
"Or part;between actors reptile or human, that can get prehistoric".said Grrr
"That is true...casting calls are down right frightening." replied Dragon.

To be continued,

Dragons Make 'Game of Thrones: Conquest' a Real Scorcher ...

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Gretta"s' swim suit part llL

"Look, how hard can it be to find a swimsuit she likes"?
"You want to tell her that?  or Spend hours shopping" ? asked Bob
"Well, if you put it like that..No "replied Grrr.
"I think we are looking at this the wrong way." Grrr said.
"How do ya mean?" asked Bob.
"Well look ,it is like a costume that beings wear for swimming" said Grrr
"Truth, but the girls gotta think it looks on them or else"
"I know ole ape but think in films thay gotta make costumes all the time and ..."
"You still know the people who make them?" asked Bob
"Some of them anyway and they still owe me a favor  or if they wont do it for me ...they will for Bruce the shark...he knows everybody in film land."
"Pal! I take back what I said about you Rex having small brains..that is brilliant.
Ur..better get them to make two" said Bob
"Why two?" asked Grrr
"you know how the girls are..if one gets one she wants one for her friend. That is why Stef gave the suit to Gretta." said Bob
"True that is what started this whole thing!!!"
"Pal, ya wanna tell Gretta or Stef that you forgot one of them?"
"Hey old ape Us rex are brave not dumb!"
The calls were made the suits were ordered and the wives had a good day at the Pool

Dragon calls

Gretta"s' swim suit part ll

"Ok ole reptile, You say she just wont cut a hole in it?"
"I told ya ole ape, she thinks  that un lady like for which I blame you humans!"
Replied Grrr the T Rex
" How is it our fault?  ya bum! She is  a raptor and YOUR wife."
"Simple. Before she met humans, she did not even know of swimsuits or online shopping!" replied Grrr
"We gonna fight or we gonna fix this?" replied Bob
"Fighting is fun and you know it ole ape."
"Truth" replied Bob.
"But if we dont fix this both of our ladies are gonna stay mad at us". Said Grrr
"That pal is also true. Replied Bob

Tomorrow..... old friends

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Friday, March 6, 2020

Gretta"s' swim suit

"it is all your fault ole ape!" roared Grrr the mighty T Rex.
"How is it my fault?" Bob roared back "if Gretta wants something? She is your wife!"
"Stef and her went to the pool and Stef wore a new swimsuit!" said Grrr
"News flash pal, ladies like to shop and buy new stuff, Gretta is a raptor lady and the girls are friends so of course they go places together!"
"Yeah..Well now Gretta wants a swimsuit and being a dino she got a tail and ..that is a problem.  I just told her to cut a hole in the suit but she said she is a respectable lady raptor , leader of her pack; and that is simply not proper!  So now she is mad at me."
"Yeah? TS pal she told Stef and now Stef is mad  at ME seems we guys are 'unfeeling"..said Bob
"ok so what are we gonna do?" asked Grrr. 

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